The Uniquetunes band began in 2005 as a jazz-quartet in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. In 2008 the structure was changed and now it includes 8-pieces. Band use only analog instruments (15 for 8 people playing), including: Fender & Gibson guitars, Music Man bass, AKAI MPC 5000 sampler, Korg’s SX-1, SX-2 grooveboxes, Korg R-3 synth, Selmer tenor saxophone, Jupiter bass-clarinet, Maxstone soprano saxophone, Vestax/Technics DJ’s equipment.

Uniquetunes fairly rapidly became appear on a level with the high professional standards and won the recognition of public and critics. They also have positive reactions from Clutchy Hopkins (USA) & Jaga Jazzist (Norway). But it is hard to define a style of their music: its rough genre is Post-Jazz, Experimental Drum’n’Bass, Indie-Rave and etc.

There followed many shows in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg. They shared the stage with Red Snapper (UK), Russian Circles (USA), DJ Krush (Japan), Bonobo (UK), DJ Vadim (UK), Amon Tobin (Canada) and many others. Critics and the audience compare band with Enter Shikari, Jaga Jazzist and even Pink Floyd. All shows were a great success with fans from all musical backgrounds. “People dance on Uniquetunes like they dance on Radiohead”, — Giuliano Di Capua (theatre stage director) say.

‘Out Of Order’ CD, 2007 (3pbeats Records)
‘Uniquetunes’ CD, 2008 (3pbeats Records)
‘Suicidal Cumshot/Kfp/Zeleniy Dyadya’ VINYL, 2009 (self-released/3pbeats distro)
‘8’ CD, 2009 (self-released/3pbeats distro)

Full-length “8” is available now on iTunes, Amazon.com and Last.fm worldwide.

“Last year our colleagues from Saint-Petersburg called appearance of the first band’s album as one of the main event of 2008. But second Uniquetunes’ album – “8”, which was presented on 12th September, take chances for surpass the previous one”.
Time Out magazine, Moscow, September 2009

“To examine their art through a microscope – destiny of the captious critics, wishing to suspend labels on nonclassified music. Similar bands were discovered by Ninja Tune label, so there’s no common definition for their music style”.
Billboard magazine, Moscow, September 2009

Out Of Order‘ CD, 2007
Uniquetunes CD/Digital, 2008
Suicidal Cumshot/Kinky Fried People/Zeleniy Dyadya‘ Vinyl, 2009
Style Kings/Razumnoe Myaso‘ Digital, 2009
8‘ CD/Digital, 2009


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