Maria de Buenos-Aires

«Maria de Buenos-Aires»
nominations: Golden MaskTotal Theater Awards: Best Physical and Visual Production, and  Theater Matters Awards: Best Production

Music: Astor Piazzolla
Libretto: Horacio Ferrer
Idea and realization: Giuliano Di Capua
Set design: Giuliano Di Capua
«Maria»: Gabriela Bergallo (Argentina)
«El Duende»: Giuliano Di Capua

street singer: Ilona Markarova

Perfumes Design: Nicola Di Capua
Sound Design: Eduardo Bergallo
Musical accompaniment: Ensemble Remolino

Production of «Teatro Di Capua».
The PREMIERE of the Opera was on 18th of January 2008 in the frame of the «FESTIVAL WITHOUT FRONTIERS» on the stage of the «Ermitage Theatre» of St. Petersburg (Russia).
«Maria de Buenos Aires» was nominated «best actress» and «best performance» at the Moscow Festival of the «Golden Mask» in 2009 

A Play-dance-of-the-things. The scent of Tango, Coffee, Mar del Plata, garlic, toffee, jasmine, sugarbackery, red pepper, Dame de Pique, cigars, Sundaymorning, Macaroni at the mother in law’s and mandarin and lavender. Yelling provocation of «Teatro Di Capua». Silent poetry of theatre AKHE. Vibrating lyricism of Astor Piazzolla.

Astor Piazzolla – is a doubtless classic of Argentinean music. His music is bursting out passion, tighten up nervtiggeling. The composer dedicated most of his work to the creating of a new form of Tango. Grown up in multicultural New York and Buenos-Aires he lets the amalgam of ritual unteamedness of Afro-American music, the melodic of Italian emigration, the lustful rhythmic of Brazil and finally the dignity of Spanish sensuality melt down to a distinguishing him — from the very first three notes of every of his masterpieces — sound, creating a strange feeling of personal coinvolgement all over the world. «Maria de Buenos-Aires» is an attempt of literally progenuating «Tango Nuevo».

Horacio Ferrer – Argentinean Vanguard- Poet (originary from Uruguay), Author of the Libretto «Maria De Buenos-Aires». From it’s Structure a classical “oratorio”, the Opera consist of sixteen dances- and songs, attempting to make a parallel between the story of Maria giving birth to God and the Artist trying to create a miracle. Tango “died” in the very period of its blossom and got a new life by the end of the xx century. Urbanity, mysticism and underworld. Maria-Tango was born from the asphalted street and buried at the bottom of an espresso cup. But revaluated in the drunken and euphoric fantasy of the Poet she resurrects as her proper child — as historically predefined-, a very particular kid: the messiah, actually the girl-messiah of a town that perpetually drowns in laziness and conservatory traditions.

Giuliano Di Capua (born 1971)– actor, director, Italian, Swiss. Absolved the «Academy of Theatre-arts in St. Petersburg (Russia). Winner of the «Golden Mask»- for “Oedipus rex” in 2003. Director of “The vagina monologues” (Eve Ensler), “1900” (A. Baricco), “Le libertin” (E.E.Schmitt), “The reservoir dogs” (Q. Tarantino), “Caucasian cuisine” (performance), “Medea. Episods” (Giuliano Di Capua / Alexey Nikonov)Punk-song-opera

Gabriela Bergallo – Vocals. Born in Buenos-Aires, studied at the Universidad «Del Salvador»,. Emigrated to Europe in 1988. Opera master classes, Jazz- und Bossa- nova concerts in Switzerland, Russia, Buenos-Aires. Since 1989 living in Switzerland: Opera studio «Konservatorium Schaffhausen». Since 1991 Solo carrier with concerts in Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Russia and Argentina. Concerts in «Tonhalle Zurich», «Kulturzentrum Gasteig», Munich, The St. Petersburg Philharmonia , Jazz hall (St-Petersburg), Teatre Hermitage, Buenos-Aires «Notorius».

Ensemble «Remolino» — a quintet founded in 2002. Violin, Guitar, Piano, Doubblebass and «Bajan» (Russian Harmonica) All graduates from the Sankt Petersburg Conservatory they concentrate on the work and the specific sound of Astor Piazzollas «Quintettos»: Adepts of free musical interpretation with academic exigencies found together to compile with sovereignty in an absolutely magic chamber group.
The Actors Ilona Markarova, Maxim Kuznetzoff,  Roman Zhdanoff.

“One and a half hours of animal happiness for everyone who has ears, eyes and a nose”
(afisha, st. petersburg)

The bizarre language of the «Russian engineering Theatre AKHE» is a feast of self-sufficient expression of patina and surfaces of all ever possible Materials.
– a hilarious partiture of completely unexpected movements for voice- acrobatics and performance.
(St. Petersburg «Vedomosti»)

A mistery, as we believed – in contemporary art, — lost forever.
(RBC Daily)

Tango on Pointe shoes. Tango barefoot on outspread coffee. Vanilla. Buenos Aires. A play on naked women with a glass of red wine. Morning coffeee. And the morning itself. And three new summer clothes without which there’s no summer. And a love without which there’s nothing at all.

Endless astonishment of the spectateur. The tragedy on life and dead of „Maria“ changes irreversibly into a tricky and crazy farce. After the play one feels the need to go dancing tango learn Spanish and move out to Argentina forever. But you do the less: you drink a cup of coffee and read some „Cortazar“…

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